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28 Jul 20
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How Harmful Are UV Rays To Our Skin?
When spring arrives, we all want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. When summer is just around the corner, we look forward to going to the beach, swimming, and participating in a wide variety of outdoor activities. The result of spending so much time outdoors is that we are increasingly exposed to the sun's UV rays. This exposure can cause serious harm to our skin if we do not protect it.
15 Aug 20
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How to Clean Designer Sunglasses
Sunglasses, also commonly referred to as "shades" are dark tinted glasses used to help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and help facilitate your vision in bright sunlight. Many people use sunglasses when outside in the sun, whether they are driving, bicycling, walking, jogging or lounging at the beach. Nowadays, there are thousands of styles, colors and brands of shades to choose from.
30 Aug 20
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How You Can Decide Whether You Should You Really Spend That Much on Sunglasses
Do you ever reach for your sunglasses before you move from your darkened house to the bright, clear day outside? Only on the day you have to purchase a new pair of shades do you think about exactly what you want perched atop your nose. You think about the technical and aesthetic differences.
16 Sep 20
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Learning How to Snowboard
Snowboarding is a winter sport that has seen a remarkable increase in popularity over the years. Learning to snowboard can seem difficult to the novice, but with a little motivation and patience, one will soon discover the fun and excitement of snowboarding down a hill. If you are a first time snowboarder, you need to be aware of the equipment and clothing required for snowboarding.
23 Oct 20
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Buying the Right Glasses Frames For Men
Glasses frames for men are perhaps the most difficult thing to purchase in eyewear. Every company makes frames that guys can wear, but few stores will carry a good selection of those styles. It also becomes a matter of fit and taste. You may see something close to what you're looking for, but it isn't quite what you want.
30 Oct 20
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How to Measure Eyeglasses
The problem of having to figure out how to accurately measure for eyeglasses on your own is a relatively new one. When someone needed glasses in the past, their only option was to visit the eye doctors or opticians office for an exam and then once the exam was complete they would be professionally fitted for the frames of their choice.
15 Nov 20
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Men's comfortable and fashionable glasses with strength
When it comes to men's eyewear the priority considerations are comfort, fit and durability. Men prefer buying glasses with strength over other considerations because they last longer. There is no use buying glasses that look good on you but do not last. Style is of course a priority consideration but not over quality.
22 Nov 20
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Interior Design For Couples Of Today
Interior design for couples is one of the hottest, most popular types of design these days. In the past, men have not taken the initiative to actually be involved in the interior design of their homes, often resulting in very female orientated, elegant designs that are beautiful although not exactly appealing to the Saturday afternoon football crew.
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