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October 5, 2020
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Protect Your Eyes and Look Chic!

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We are very sure every woman in the hall would agree - for us, looking good is always on the priority list. On the same note, sunglasses are no longer considered to be just the fashion accessories; rather it is an interpretation of your personal style. Apart from just making your stylish look complete, sunglasses do offer essential protection to your eyes from various threats, such as UV rays, dust, and debris. We would ask us to put in appropriate time and effort for selecting the perfect pair of sunglasses - after all it protects you and describes who you are. Here, we at ShopClues would like to help you in choosing the best sunglasses within available options of colours, styles and shapes that suits your personality the best.
Aviator sunglasses - Created way back in 1936, aviator sunglasses are the most popular and classy form of sunglasses among men & women of all ages. Made in a range of color glasses with sleek frames, Aviators look great on everyone, regardless of your facial shape and complexion. Along with the classic style, they also offer that perfect protection from harmful UV rays and other rays for sensitive area around your eyes. Here is good news for y'all with oval, round or square red chubby cheeks, this frame will look stunning on you! Designed in sleek and lightweight temple arms, it gives you an easy access to your side angles and makes you look apparently matchless. For better vision, protection and comfort, we suggest you to put your hands on high quality lens.
Wayfarer sunglasses - Go wayfarer way - if you really want to pamper your eyes with sunglasses that have characteristic horizontally long brow frame, broad temple arms, and varied colour frames. If you love going out in floral prints, if you find those pastel pair of denims hard to resist, here is a prediction for you - You'll be center of attraction whenever you'll pair a wayfarer with your attire. Animal-print frames in shades of brown and grey are most sought-after, but you can always try neons, pastels, bright colors according to the demand of the trend & season. Just to remind you, don't forget to look for scratch-resistant lens that would enhance the life of your sunglasses and of course right fit with nose padding for comfortable wearing hours long of the day and beach volleyball games.
Retro Sunglasses - Retro sunglasses are the best amalgamation of vintage era and modern comfort that a woman can ask for. The style offers a fashionable and innovatively modified design that completes the persona of a woman and transforms her into a complete fashionista. Though the retro sunglasses are available in various shapes and colors, we would recommend you to stick to basic aviator style with black, brown, gold, or silver frames for that classic look. If you are among those, who love to experiment with your looks and want to try a varied range of colors - Go ahead and try oversized, wrap around, and wayfarers with the twists in colors and create your own favorite casual look. To match your mood & taste, you can experiment with sexy blue, vibrant brown, trendy black or sensuous red.
Specialized Sunglasses - Go for Specially designed sunglasses to offer that extra touch of protection to you according to your personalized requirements. These Sunglasses are specially made for all those who take up more challenging tasks than just going out in the sun.
Polarized Sunglasses - Specifically created for boaters and fishermen, today polarized sunglasses are a great support to any sport enthusiast for improving the gloomy and shadowy visibility. While providing maximum glare protection, these sunglasses have found to offer relief from eye fatigue on long exposure to sun and strenuous activities. We recommend you to try copper polarized lens if you are an hiking or shooting enthusiast, as these works best against a green background on a bright day...similarly moss yellow colored lens are known to work best with hunting, fishing and cycling. You are amongst avid golfers, try to go with lens of brown, gray, violet and yellow shades that not only reduces light, but decreases the amount of glare. Drivers can also benefit from polarization, as the special lenses help reduce glare and reflections from the surface of the road, even in heavy shower.
Water-Sports Sunglasses - Ideal option for open water lovers, swimmers and divers, the comfortable and specialized underwater goggles not only offers the much needed protection from water, but also offers UV protection to your delicate eyes. With complete protection to your retina, the swimming glasses would let you enjoy every moment of your water activity, weather on, in or under-water.
Biking sunglasses - Do you enjoy biking, but are worried of dusty wind, pollution and Sun? We have a perfect rescue for you, Get yourself a Biking Sunglasses. These sunglasses are made especially for driving with wide lenses in dark shades for ease of riding bike in sun. You can also pick from trendy colors, including yellow, rose, brown and blue that are popular these days amongst bikers. We would like to advise you to choose a plastic frame with high quality lens to beat the chilling/scorching winds while you ride your mean machine.
We hope our recommendations will help you pick the best suited style along with perfect combination of protection and comfort. Having read our buying recommendations, we believe you would be buying the best of sunglasses on the market. What are you waiting for gals - Lets Shop!!!


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