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September 8, 2020
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Prescription Polarized Sunglasses and Motorcycle Sunglasses Provide Visual Clarity

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With myriad outdoor sporting and other activities available to us, quality sunglasses are a necessity. We want to enjoy these activities, while at the same time having superior protection for our eyes. It's important we choose quality prescription polarized sunglasses for optimum vision.

Prescription polarized sunglasses are for eliminating glare. When driving, or engaging in sports activities, glare can play havoc with vision. It makes driving more dangerous, and limits sporting performance.

Polarization consists of a thin layer of iodine crystals. The arrangement of these crystals is in vertical rows. They undergo sandwiching into the middle of a lens. Consequently, light can pass straight through these crystals; however, they completely block glare.

Polarized lens significantly improve vision on bright, sunny days near water, snow, or roadways. While beneficial to outdoor enthusiasts in their activities, prescription polarized sunglasses help others as well.

Polarized lenses are beneficial for refractive surgery patients and pre or post-operation cataract surgery patients. Furthermore, anyone on UV sensitizing medications benefit from polarized lenses. This includes individuals on insulin or hormone replacements.

Digital prescription lens technology offers substantial improvement for eyeglass wearers. This includes those who wear prescription motorcycle and running sunglasses. It also includes those who wear golf eye protection.

Digital prescription lens technology allows lens manufacturers to create eyewear with premier clarity. They can create this clarity throughout the entire lens. They can do this even if an individual chooses models with an 8-base wrapped design.

Digital lens design eliminates the problem called the "Fishbowl Effect". This "effect" is a visual distortion. It normally happens when a lens manufacturer puts a prescription in a curved frame.

Digital lens design is computer-aided design. In a digital lens, one's prescription undergoes recalculation at every point on the lens. This type of design results in sharp, clear vision throughout the entire lens. The optical center and the peripheral portions of the lens have this clarity.

For those who enjoy riding the highways and byways, motorcycle sunglasses are essential. Look for eyewear that features high contrast lenses, well constructed frames, and bulletproof lenses. Look for significant prescription choices, and the aforementioned digital prescription lenses.

Another feature to look for in motorcycle eye protection is foam padding. This type of padding blocks wind. This contributes to motoring safety because of improved vision. Many of these have removable foam eye seals.

People choose eyewear for comfort and safety. However, they also choose them to match their riding attire. It all comes down to choosing aesthetically pleasing models that improve contrast and protects eyesight.

It's vital to choose glasses that fit the types of riding you will be doing. Longer rides or higher speed rides demand different glasses. They must prevent wind from swirling around behind the lens (this dries out the eyes).

On the other hand, you may ride around town more. Hence, you're frequently encountering stop lights and stop signs. You need eyewear that allows more air circulation. This reduces fogging and perspiration around the eyes.

Motorcycle sunglasses should reduce eyestrain, improve contrast, and quicken reaction time. For most, shades of copper provide the best contrast.

However, consider your typical riding conditions. Your only source of light may be your headlight. If so, a slight tint will not improve contrast. It will only reduce the small amount of light you have to work with, so select equipment carefully.

Protect your "windows to the world", your eyes, with quality prescription polarized sunglasses or motorcycle sunglasses. They're a wise investment, which help you enjoy the outdoor sporting activities you participate in regularly. These sunglasses offer clear vision, and the eye care you require to help ensure continued active participation.


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