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July 18, 2020
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Just the Right Sunglasses: A Few Trends

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Everyone knows that fashion is fickle friend. No matter what the accessory or the style, as soon as it is envisioned, it is bound to either die a horrible death or, in the best case scenario, fade out until you are the last one sporting the trend (and may look terribly out of the loop in doing so).

One inescapable functional fashion necessity is a good pair of sunglasses--whether driving to your beach resort in Malibu or just strolling through Beverly Hills, you will need to protect your eyes from damaging UV rays and be sure to look savvy while doing so. But how do you know which trend is the best? Let's take a look at a few famous styles and you can make a selection from there.

One trend that developed in the 1960's and continues to be popular today is the Onassis glasses; they are also referred to as "Jackie O's," harking back to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis who originally popularized them. They are moderately oversized, and therefore seem to be often worn by celebrities when they are trying to avert public attention and mask their faces. But no matter the reason, celebrities have made this style pervasive among many young American women.

Another fashion which has become ubiquitous in recent years is Aviator sunglasses. They were originally released in 1936 as standard issue for U.S. military aviators; the name has stuck because of its unwavering popularity with pilots and military personnel. They are characterized by thin, usually black metal frames, and teardrop-shaped lenses. They become popular as a fashion accessory in the '60's and have continued to be so, with only a brief falling out in the world of fashion in the early 1990's. Since then, they have regained ground as a common statement.

Teashades are not as omnipresent as the other aforementioned styles, but like the others, they were adopted by popular culture in the 1960's, especially when John Lennon was so often seen wearing them. They are comprised of small, darkly or unusually colored circular lenses. The rims are made of wire, and though they are technically classified as sunglasses, they were generally worn simply because of their aesthetic appeal rather than their eye-protective value.

In their day, teashades were often known to be worn to hide bloodshot eyes or signs of eye infection induced by drug use. It may be no surprise then that most recently, Ozzy Osbourne is known to wear them almost constantly.

The one advantage to our increasingly diverse fashion culture, it may be possible to select any one of a number of retro fashions and receive approval from the fashion conscious. But I would highly recommend making your selection affordable.


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