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April 12, 2020
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Great Stocking Stuffers For Boys

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Do your boys run for their stockings first thing on Christmas morning? If not, you may be filling them with the wrong items. Stockings are idea for small gifts--the things you put inside don't need to be expensive, but they should be interesting, "gross", or just plain silly. Read on for a list of great "stocking stuffers", designed to delight boys of all ages":

The first thing you can add to the stocking is treats. These can begin at toddler age and should be age appropriate. They don't have to be unhealthy either. You can add a small bag of popcorn, an apple, snack mix, nuts, or other healthy treats. For older kids, include something fun or silly, like a "gummy bear" rat, reindeer "poo", or "coal" candy.

Depending on how big the stocking is you can add one or two small books to the stocking stuffer. Find something that the boy will be interested in and that matches their age. Board books are a great idea for little ones--older kids will prefer puzzle or chapter books. A larger paperback can be rolled into a "scroll" shape and inserted in the stocking.

Small Toys:
There are a huge number of small toys that can be added to a boys stocking. Younger children will enjoy stuffed animals. As they get older they can enjoy toy cars and trucks, plastic animals, and action figures. Look for small accessories for favorite toys, or versions of classic toys like tops or pegboard puzzles.

Arts and Crafts:
You can also put a huge number of arts and crafts in the stocking, according to their age and tastes. Small coloring books and activities books can be added as well as packages of crayons and colored pencils. You can add a small sketch book, pencils, and or pens. You can also include paints, markers, or specialty options like stamping markers or glitter glue pens. Look in the "dollar" section of large craft stores for some clever art stocking stuffers

Tattoos and Stickers:
Most kids enjoy a good temporary tattoo or a bunch of stickers. This can be a very fun way to add just a little extra, especially if the boy isn't allowed to have these things often. If you have more than one boy in the family, buy a single pack and slip a few stickers into each stocking

Young boys seem to love lights. You can consider getting a flashlight or two, LED lights, and even light sticks that will glow. Glowsticks are inexpensive, and come in bracelet, necklace, or "stick" form. Glow in the dark items of all types are fun surprises for a stocking.

There are a number of card games that make for great stocking stuffers. Dice games and other small games can be a great addition to your stocking. You can also get small solitaire games according to the age of the boy in question.

"Gag" gifts: Silly things like whoopee cushions, trick gum, fake ink stains, and related gag items go over really well with boys of all ages--but beware--some items will undoubtedly be used against you once he figures out what they do!

As boys age they tend to become more expensive to buy for-- and less excited about inexpensive plastic toys or cars that were once really cool. At this age you can stuff the stocking with hand held games, digital cameras, or sunglasses. You can also include money or gift certificates for music, movies, books or for gas for their car (if they have one).

Stockings are fun to pull together--there is just something fun about unearthing a pile of treasures on Christmas morning that kids of all ages enjoy. Do a great job on your stocking this year, and your kids will make a beeline for them first thing Christmas morning


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