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November 15, 2020
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Men's comfortable and fashionable glasses with strength

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When it comes to men's eyewear the priority considerations are comfort, fit and durability. Men prefer buying glasses with strength over other considerations because they last longer. There is no use buying glasses that look good on you but do not last. Style is of course a priority consideration but not over quality. It is also important to note that men have their own unique tastes which do not necessarily have to be influenced by the women in their lives.

It is also a common misconception that men are not interested in fashion especially when it comes to eyewear. The reality is that men actually care about their eyesight. The fact that fashionable eyewear improves their overall image makes them as interested in fashion as their female counterparts. Fashionable eyewear is also characterized with good quality and strength making them worth buying. This article is going to discuss the features and trends in men's eyewear.

The features that attract men most into buying glasses are:
Comfort and fit:

The key areas that determine the comfort and fit in men's eyewear are the temples, the nose piece, bridge and the overall frame. The frame should be flexible and less rigid. This makes it easy to wear. Titanium is usually preferred to make glasses with strength because it is also flexible as well. The frame should also be light but this still manages to retain its sturdiness which is also a feature of titanium. The temples of the frame should not be digging into the sides of the head when worn. They should fit the shape of your face to avoid this. The temples should also be long enough, beyond your ears. The curve of the temple should not press on your ears when glasses are worn. The nose piece or pad must be soft and small. A quality nose pad should not be felt when worn. Silicon nose pads are usually preferable. The bridge should also be light and strong as well for a good fit.

Durable and strong:

Durable glasses with strength are certainly not made of plastic. This is because they break easily. The eyewear fashion industry usually makes glasses from materials like Flexon, stainless steel, Melon and of course titanium. These materials are stronger and light in weight. The materials are also non-corrosive and hence resistant to wear and tear. They are also resistant to various strain and impact thus making them the most ideal material for strong and durable eyewear.

The lasting trends in men's eyewear which would never disappoint under any circumstances are:

*Masculine shaped glasses like the double brow bar styles. They are quality glasses with strength and have been in vogue for a long time. They have still managed to retain their fashion essence.

*Bolder and bigger frame shapes are certainly good fits. Just make sure that the glasses are not too big for your head.

*Rimless and semi-rimless frames are certainly sleek and trendy styles. These are suitable for a perfect modern look and are especially convenient for formal contexts.

*For a more hip and retro look, plastic frames have become the in thing and they come in a wide variety of shapes and colors.


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