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October 30, 2020
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How to Measure Eyeglasses

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The problem of having to figure out how to accurately measure for eyeglasses on your own is a relatively new one. When someone needed glasses in the past, their only option was to visit the eye doctors or opticians office for an exam and then once the exam was complete they would be professionally fitted for the frames of their choice. Today ordering eyeglasses can be done over the internet with no visit to the optician required, but in order to ensure that your new glasses will fit and cause you no problems you've got to know how to measure for the frame accurately.

It's highly advisable, especially if this is your first pair of glasses, to visit an optician to ensure that you don't have any other vision problems that may require attention beyond just getting corrective lenses - and even if you don't want to buy your new glasses through the optician, they can accurately measure you and give you the appropriate information so you can order frames that will fit you properly.

The most Important Information

When measuring for eyeglasses, the most important piece of information to have is the "PD", or the distance between the wearer's pupils. This measurement is crucial in the proper fit of glasses because even if it is off by a few millimeters the wearer can suffer some ill effects. If the center of the lens does not sit almost directly over the pupil then the vision correction properties of the prescription will be far below optimal and the wearer may suffer from headaches and eyestrain.

It's possible to take this measurement on your own if you can't, for one reason or another have your glasses professionally fitted. You can look into a mirror while holding a ruler directly beneath your eyes - the measurement is recorded in millimeters, so be sure that the ruler that you use measures in millimeters unless you want to perform the conversion. Measure the distance from the center of one pupil to the center of the other while looking directly ahead. It's advisable to repeat the measurement several times to ensure that it is accurate.

If you know your prescription and have an accurate measurement of your 'PD', it's possible to get a good fitting pair of glasses without having to take the trip to an optician.

Getting Professional Help

If there is any question at all in your mind about the accuracy of your 'PD' measurement or whether or not your prescription may have changed it's imperative that you visit an optician - glasses that you order on the internet may not be returnable or may come with a sizeable restocking fee, so not knowing the appropriate information could have you wasting a substantial amount of money.

Going to an eye care professional for a glasses fitting also has a few other advantages beyond the accurate measurement and general check up. At the optician you can touch, hold and try on frames, dozens of them if you so choose, before making any final decisions. Sure you'll be able to see pictures form all angles on the internet, but you won't truly know how the glasses you are ordering will feel or look until you've already paid for them and they are sitting on your face, and at that point it may be too late. Even if you don't have someone to take with you to help you decide on new frames, that is what opticians do for a living, they will be glad to recommend certain frames that will flatter your face and go well with your particular features. When sopping online, you've got nothing but pictures to help you.

Measuring yourself for glasses isn't impossible, in fact it isn't even all that difficult but be sure that you take your time and record the information accurately, because even a simple mistake could have you wearing a pair of glasses that will do you more harm than good - when in doubt, visit an optician for help.


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