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August 15, 2020
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How to Clean Designer Sunglasses

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Sunglasses, also commonly referred to as "shades" are dark tinted glasses used to help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and help facilitate your vision in bright sunlight. Many people use sunglasses when outside in the sun, whether they are driving, bicycling, walking, jogging or lounging at the beach. Nowadays, there are thousands of styles, colors and brands of shades to choose from. If you are shopping for a new pair, make sure you verify that they provide adequate UV ray protection for your eyes.

Sunglasses are also viewed as an accessory, and many people use them as a fashion statement to accent their personal style. Many fashion designers, from the everyday to the high-end style houses also design sunglasses under their respective brands. It is not uncommon to see designer sunglasses on celebrities, socialites, or even average people walking around on the street.

Designer shades can accent your personal style and protect your eyes from the sun. Popular brand names include Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Prada, Chanel and Hermes among others. Prices for these fashion statements can range anywhere from $50 to thousands of dollars. Whether you spend only fifty dollars or over five hundred dollars, your designer sunglasses are an investment that you will want to protect.

Protect Your Investment
In order to protect your shades properly, you must take care not to let them get any scratches on the lenses or the surface of the frames. To do this, make sure you only place them on soft surfaces. If a case is not included in your purchase, invest in a hard case that snaps shut where you can store your sunglasses when you aren't using them. Also, make sure you learn how to clean your sunglasses properly and carefully. The guide below will help you.

Clean Your Sunglasses
The first step to keeping your sunglasses clean is to make sure they are properly stored when you are not wearing them. If you leave your designer glasses on a table or shelf, they are likely to need more frequent cleaning as they will gather dust there. If you toss your shades into your purse without properly storing them in a case, they are likely to gather dust and debris as well. Keeping your glasses in a case will help prevent the need for frequent cleanings, thus keeping them new-looking and scratch-free.

When it is time to clean your designer shades, make sure you use clean water and a bit of soap. Even using just water is okay, but do not, under any circumstances, wipe your designer sunglasses down when they are dry. Wiping your shades without at least moistening them first can cause scratches and damage to your lenses or frames.

Make sure you are not using a regular towel, tissue or cloth when cleaning your sunglasses. Coming into contact with the wrong type of textile can easily scratch or damage your expensive shades. Instead, use a very soft cotton cloth, such as a chamois, in order to protect your glasses. Another option is to invest in a soft optical cloth to clean your glasses safely and properly.

These days, sunglass care and cleaning kits are available at eyewear boutiques or department stores. Try asking the retailer that sold you your sunglasses if they sell any such kits. Generally a sunglasses cleaning kit will include a small bottle of cleaning solution that is safe and effective for use on expensive shades, a soft cloth made of cotton or microfiber, and a carrying case. If the kits sold at your local retailer seem pricey, simply shop around online for a better deal.


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