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June 2, 2020
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Essential Tanning Accessories

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There are several ways of getting a suntan and none of them are without certain worries or even risks attached. Cancer is the threat most people recognize in tanning. Sometimes, it seems that you can get cancer from doing all sorts of things these days, from eating burnt toast to walking down the street.

So, for instance, if you want a natural tan, you have to be cautious of the sun's rays, which are too strong because of the depleted ozone layer and if you want a salon tan, you have be worried about the light from the tanning bed tubes. This is why tanning accessories are so significant.

Frequently, these tanning accessories are not that dear, it is just a question of getting the right tanning accessories to keep yourself and your family safe.

So, if you want to obtain a natural tan by sunning yourself on the beach or in the backyard, you will have to encourage tanning on your body while protecting your more sensitive parts from burning. The two fundamentals are a tanning lotion and a sun block cream or your can get a combination of the two in one bottle.

You should also have something like lip balm to stop your lips from drying out. A large brimmed hat will help keep the sun off your face too. You may also want a pair of sunglasses and a large smock or poncho for when you have had enough sun. A large towel to lie on is useful to stop bits and pieces sticking to you as well.

If you want to acquire your tan from a tanning bed, you will have to have a moisturizer and a sun block for your sensitive spots. You might even consider putting sticking plasters on some areas. You will also need an alarm clock to make sure that your tanning session does not over run and safety goggles to shield your eyes.

If you want to get a tan from a tube, you will almost certainly have to have a friend to make sure that you spray all your body without leaving bits out. This sort of tanning lotion and spray are not expensive, but they have to be applied regularly to keep the tan looking deep. There are not many tanning accessories required for this sort of tan: a mirror, a timer and a box of tissues to wipe off excess spray are all helpful though.

The only other alternative on the market for the tanner is tanning pills. Tanning pills are very controversial and are probably the most dangerous option. Whether they work or not is also in question. Some people say they do others say they do not. Yet others say that tanning pills produce an odd orange tan that looks unnatural.

The main tanning accessory that you will need whichever method of tanning you use is common sense. The sun's rays are stronger when they get to Earth these days and will burn you very swiftly - within the hour, if you do not protect yourself. Likewise with tanning beds, the bulbs are very powerful, so take guidance from the salon assistants or read the instruction book and use the correct tanning accessories.


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