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March 14, 2020
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Basic Luxury Wardrobe Items A Woman Should Never Do Without

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Even when the economy is in the tank, there are still some basic wardrobe items that a woman should never do without. Yes, she could compromise and buy cheap clothing and accessories, but they won't last nearly as long or give her nearly as much pleasure. Here are some of the basic luxury wardrobe items a woman should never have to do without.

-- A really great pair of black designer pumps: When a woman goes to work, she wants to both look fantastic and be comfortable. Investing in a good pair of designer pumps will help her achieve both goals. Black goes with virtually anything, the pump design is appropriate for either a skirt or slacks, and the supple leather and superior craftsmanship of designer shoes will keep her feet from getting sore. Money well spent.

-- A really great pair of sunglasses: It's ok to spend a little more on great eyewear, especially if they are prescription. Designer sunglasses are more likely to be ergonomically designed to fit better and their quality lenses will do a much better job of reducing glare and repelling UV light. Besides, a woman needs to feel like a movie star every now and again: and there's nothing quite like wearing frames with initials on them!

-- A really great purse: Now, she doesn't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a designer purse, but she should go for good quality nonetheless. Real leather is durable, is always in style, and will look great even when it starts to wear out a bit. Choosing one that is black or brown will help a woman transition easily from season to season: but she should be wary of the size. It's best to get one that is big enough to have adequate storage for everyday use along with plenty of pockets.

-- A really great pair of slippers: At the end of a long day, a woman just wants to kick her shoes off, put on some sweats, and take it easy. Sinking her feet into a wonderful pair of soft slippers will simply drain all of the tension away. Cashmere is a good choice, as is sheepskin or even eelskin. The point is to have something soft caressing the feet instead of pavement!

-- A really great pair of luxury pajamas: No woman is happy unless she has had a good night's sleep. There are wonderful e-merchants on the internet who sell pajamas made from the softest sateen and the highest quality cotton fibers, making bedtime something to look forward to again.

A woman shouldn't compromise on certain wardrobe items, no matter how tough times are. Buying quality luxury items satisfies that inner diva and buying quality also means that these important essentials will last longer.


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