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August 13, 2009

Protect Yourself with a Strong Audit Trail

Have you ever felt you had gremlins in your accounting system? Ever had numbers change and had a really hard time figuring out why or who changed them? Ever had inventory quantities drop for no reason? If your software does not have a strong, built-in audit trail, the very data you rely on could be steering you wrong and you may not know it until it's too late.

Dynamics Navision has built-in, automatic tracking of every transaction. No one can edit a posted invoice, or adjust a journal entry, without leaving a visible, easy to follow 'paper trail' that includes the name of the person who made the change and the date/time of all changes. Entries can't just be edited -- the system requires proper accounting procedures, so you'll have a clear chain of accountability in case of any errors, as well as strong protection against fraud or misuse.

Get more information on audit trails and the other features of Navision, and see if it's right for your business, or request a demo or a price quote.

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