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June 10, 2009
Save Money by Customizing the Screen Layout of your Business Software

How many invoices do you or your staff enter each month? How many times do you look up similar pieces of information? For any person or business with a significant amount of data to process (and that's most businesses, these days), you'll save a lot of time and money month over month if you spend a few minutes reorganizing your software screens so that they work with you.

Pick whatever transaction you do the most -- for many people, this is entering a payable invoice. Open your payable entry screen. Is it organized with only the fields you need to see, with each field in the order you would most naturally use it, top to bottom and left to right? If it is, great! If not -- if you find yourself either moving back and forth around your screen, or scanning all over your paper invoice to find information -- then you'll benefit by optimizing your form layout.

Simply click into design mode and click and drag the fields around until they flow in a natural order . Any fields you don't use or don't need, you should either hide, or move to a separate tab. You may want to try a few different layouts to figure out what feels the most natural and allows you to work the most efficiently. You can also change colors or fonts to highlight things you want to see at a glance.

If your software can't do this for you, we'd be happy to show you how Microsoft Navision can - just request a demo. If you are using Navision, and you want some help with the finer points of optimizing your screen, contact us for consulting help, or get a mini-manual.

Navision Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts

Did you know that there are keyboard shortcuts for just about every function in Navision?

You can get a context-sensitive menu of many keyboard shortcuts anytime by going to Help > Overview of F Keys on the top menu (or Ctrl + Alt + F1).
You can also use keyboard shortcuts to move around the menus -- try Ctrl + 1 to get to Financial Management, Ctrl +2 to get to Sales and Marketing, and so forth.

Featured Add-On: Payroll Software

Do you outsource your payroll processing, or do you do it in house? If you're looking for a way to in-source your payroll processing that is efficient, flexible and fully integrated with Navision software, then HCM Payroll Software from Serenic may be what you're looking for.

Like Navision in general, it is especially well suited for a mid-sized company with 50 to 500 employees. HCM Payroll Software's greatest strength is its strong calculation engine that is readily customizable to meet the special needs of individual companies. It can handle multiple employers and multiple federal employer IDs, which differentiates it from many other payroll software programs.

Be aware that it is only configured by default for US and Canada -- people needing payroll software for other countries can use it, but would need to set up and maintain all of the local tax information.

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