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These days there are a lot of good Dynamics NAV / Navision books. Here are the books we've found that are worth reading:

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2009
by Vjekoslav Babi and David Roys

This is the only Navision book out so far that specifically focuses on Dynamics Nav 2009. Very well-written and enjoyable to read, this book provides an excellent, detailed guide to the key new features of Nav 2009, specifically the new role-tailored user interface, the new three-tier architecture, and the resulting dramatically improved ability to interface Nav 2009 with the web and with non-Navision applications. It also has a nice section on implementations and the sure-step methodology. Although the stated target audience is Nav consultants and developers, it is actually a very worthwhile read for anyone who is implementing or considering implementing Nav 2009 in their environment; you don't need to be super 'techie' to get a lot of value from this book.

Managing Your Supply Chain Using Microsoft Navision
by Scott Hamilton

Although this book was written for version 4.x, the vast majority of the information is still quite accurate and relevant, and there is no later edition available. This Navision book is very business process focused, and does an excellent job of presenting an integrated view of how to leverage Navision to improve your supply chain effectiveness and efficiency. As the name suggests, Managing Your Supply Chain is focused solely on the supply chain related features and functions of Navision, and therefore addresses trade, items, warehouse, purchasing, and so forth, but provides little or no information related to the other functions of Nav such as financials, jobs or service. If you use or intend to use Navision to manage your supply chain, this book is a must-read; if you don't, it's probably not worth your time due to it's laser-like focus on the supply chain.

Microsoft Navision 4.0: Jump Start to Optimisation
by Paul Diffenderfer and Samir El-Assai

Although written for Navision 4.x, the vast majority of the content of this book is still useful and applicable to later versions of Navision. This book has a wide range of information, including a chapter on how to create and edit reports, a section on creating flow fields and other introductory development, and several other interesting topics. While the range of information is very good and the expertise is top-notch and very accurate, the book feels a bit like it jumps around from topic to topic. It is also written by non-native English speakers, so to an American audience the English feels awkward at times. Given Navision's roots as a Danish program, though, the 'Danglish' writing is a small price to pay for the tricks and insights into the software provided by this book.

Programming Microsoft Dynamics Nav
by David Studebaker

Written for experienced programmers who aren't familiar with Navision, this is a top-notch guide if you're trying to learn C/SIDE programming. However, if you're not already a coder, you'll probably find this book very heavy going, and it has little information that is geared towards the non-programmer end user.

The Nav/SQL Performance Field Guide
by Jorg Stryk

Specifically focused on Microsoft Dynamics Nav running on SQL server, this highly detailed, well-written book is packed with useful information for SQL administrators running Navision in their environments. It is written specifically for experienced SQL admins, though, and should be used with extreme care if at all by anyone not already pretty familiar with SQL server. It is specifically written for SQL server version 2000 and 2005, and Navision version 4.x and 5.x. It does not address Dynamics Nav 2009, and due to the new 3-tier structure in that version, it is only partially applicable. Hopefully the author will come out with a revised version that addresses Nav 2009 soon. Meanwhile, though, this is the best (and only) Navision book on optimizing Nav in a SQL environment.

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