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There are quite a few third party add-ons available for Dynamics Nav. These Navision add-ons come in several primary types:

  • Industry Vertical Focused Add-Ons - These are add-ons designed to give Dynamics Nav special functions to optimize it for a specific industry, such as food service, or hospitality, or trucking.
  • Function Focused Add-Ons - These are addons designed to add a specific functionality to Nav that it doesn't have, such as collections tracking, or web-based time entry, or payroll.
  • Convenience Add-Ons - These are addons that provide reports, forms and similar Nav objects that you could build yourself, but by purchasing them pre-built you can save yourself time and effort.
Some add-ons are created by commercial software vendors to integrate their software with Navision, some are created by independent software vendors who specialize in building applications for Dynamics Nav, and some are simply custom development work that was requested so many times by so many people that someone decided to formalize it into a purchasable product.

Because there are so many add-ons and they come from so many sources, they can vary widely in quality. Some add-ons are rock-solid, with code structure and reliability as good or better than original Navision functionality. Others, unfortunately, can be much less robust and dependable, prone to errors or glitchs. Before you purchase any third pary add-on, look for reviews or user feedback as to the quality of the addon.

Before you decide to have custom development done to add a function or capability to your Navision, you should explore the available add-ons, especially the high-quality ones. It's possible that someone has already developed the function you're looking for, and it's almost always much cheaper to buy an existing add-on than to get equivalent custom development work done.

We only list add-ons on this site that we've worked with, and with which we've had good results. We also welcome and encourage feedback from you on any add-ons you've used.

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