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Which Navision Edition?

Dynamics Nav is currently sold under two different licensing models, based on which version of the software you buy. Nav 2013, the most recent edition, is available only with the “Perpetual Licensing” model. Nav 2009, while it is still available, is sold under the “Business Ready Licensing” model.

Nav 2013 Perpetual License

To purchase Nav 2013, first you choose how many users you need, from two types. Full concurrent users, and limited concurrent users. Full concurrent users can do anything, but cost more. Limited users have full read access to Nav, but only very limited write access, and of course they cost less.

Then you buy the starter pack, which has all the basic Nav functions, and optionally you purchase the extended pack, if you need the additional capability it contains. That’s it. Microsoft introduced this as their “napkin pricing”, meaning you should be able to figure out how much you will pay on the back of a napkin.

Nav 2009 Business Ready License

Dynamics Nav Business Essentials, also called BE, is the Navision edition designed as a starter, or for smaller companies, or companies with relatively simple requirements. It has a solid but limited base functionality, and offers very few optional add-ons.

Navision Advanced Management, also called AM, is the 'full-blown' Nav edition. It includes significantly more features and functions in the base package, and offers many, many optional add-ons.

However, you can always upgrade Business Essentials to Advanced Management, so you're not stuck if you decide to start with BE and later need more features and functions.

Microsoft publishes a detailed list of what modules and granules are included in or available for the different editions, however, many people find the Microsoft list rather confusing to use, and it does not include any information as to what the different modules and granules actually do. If you'd like to see Microsoft's list anyway, you can download this PDF.

To make it easier to understand and make intelligent choices, we've created the chart below, which shows which modules and granules are included, optional (for extra money), or simply not available, for each of the different Navision editions.

Financial ManagementBEAM
General Foundation Pack includedincluded
Responsibility Centersnot availableoptional
Inter-Company Postingsnot availableincluded
Basic Liquidity Forecastoptionaloptional
Liquidity Forecast - Analysis Viewsoptionaloptional
Basic Analytical Accountingnot availableoptional
Cost Budgetnot availableoptional
Fixed Asset Foundation Packincludedincluded
Insurancenot availableoptional
Maintenancenot availableoptional
Cash Management Foundation Packincludedincluded
Customer Relationship ManagementBEAM
CRM Foundation Pack includedincluded
CRM Navision Advancednot availableincluded
Project ManagementBEAM
Basic Resourcesincludedincluded
Jobs Suiteoptionalincluded
Supply Chain ManagementBEAM
Sales and Receivables Foundation includedincluded
Sales and Receivables Calendars not availableincluded
Sales and Receivables Campaign Pricingnot availableincluded
Sales Tax includedincluded
Purchase and Payables includedincluded
Inventory Management Foundation includedincluded
Cycle Countingnot availableincluded
Put Awaynot availableoptional
Warehouse Receiptnot availableoptional
Picknot availableoptional
Warehouse Shipmentnot availableoptional
Standard Cost Worksheetnot availableincluded
Warehouse Management Systemsnot availableoptional
Internal Picks and Putawaysnot availableoptional
Automated Data Capture Systems (ADCS)not availableoptional
Bin Set-Upnot availableoptional
Basic Manufacturingnot availableincluded
Version Managementnot availableoptional
Agile Manufacturingnot availableoptional
Basic Supply Planningnot availableoptional
Demand Forecastingnot availableoptional
Machine Centersnot availableoptional
Finite Loadingnot availableoptional
Demand Planner 2.0 Usernot availableoptional
Service ManagementBEAM
Service Order Managementnot availableoptional
Service Price Managementnot availableoptional
Service Item Managementnot availableoptional
Service Contract Managementnot availableoptional
Planning and Dispatchingnot availableoptional
Service Management Packagenot availableoptional

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